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Regulatory Compliance for Manufacturers


OnRule is the first software platform to help manufacturers and their partners manage the increasing complexities of product regulatory compliance.

From initiating and monitoring testing and certification projects, to managing compliance records, with OnRule companies increase control, visibility and speed of their product certification processes.


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Are you a Test Lab?


OnRule gives test labs and certification professionals a single platform to collaborate with customers, partners and team members. From managing quoting process to running multi-discipline-multi-market projects, OnRule lab tools are designed to increase visibility, efficiency and improve customer service.


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Propel new product launch into the global market with Become Compliant

 Up to date global regulatory intelligence and collaboration tools to sail through testing and certification

Standards Finder

Quickly identify regulatory standards required to certify a particular product in your target markets. Share this information with your preferred labs during a certification project, or provide access to engineering team during research & development.


Establish a systematic process to initiate, manage and monitor all your certification projects. Provide secure access to your preferred labs and certification partners to keep all communications, document exchanges and deliverables in one place.

Lab Discovery

If your company does not have preferred certification partners, use the Lab Discovery features to identify the best labs and agents for your specific testing needs. Request and evaluate quotes, and award projects all from one single platform.


Ensure product conformity before shipment with Stay Compliant

Real-time product regulatory status plus expirations and regulation-change alerts to keep a certified portfolio worldwide


Visualize the certification status of your entire portfolio in real-time. Use intuitive filters to dissect your compliance information by product, region, discipline, or by any other relevant attribute.


Receive automatic alerts for upcoming expirations of certification records and for changes in regulations that may impact your commercial and development portfolio.


Create insightful reports with no effort. Apply and save filters with report parameters for future reference. Use visibility permissions to share filters and reports with your team.


Maintain a single, secure and searchable repository for all of your legacy, existing and new product certification records. Establish access rights with easy-to-use role based access controls.

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Selected customers in the IT sector

OnRule is what the agency compliance certification professional needs.

Greg Andrade

Sr. Director Ops & Mfg, Infoblox

Terrific job providing a robust and effective compliance management system.

Dan Bishop

Product Engineer, Virtual Instruments

Increasing operational efficiency

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Accelerating commercial growth

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About OnRule

OnRule is a cloud-based platform developed by compliance engineers to help organizations exercise better control and increase visibility over their product regulatory compliance. Companies big and small use OnRule to simplify the process of monitoring, communicating and reporting product certification status across markets, minimizing the risk of non-compliance and giving compliance teams bandwidth to focus on evaluating the latest regulations and improving time to market.

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